As It Breaks You Get Stronger!

 It will be partly about human relations, partly about the business environment and partly about the relationship you have with yourself Why we need this Life flows so fast that sometimes we ourselves need what we need. I want to Maybe you are in a difficult situation right now Maybe you are very worried right now Maybe right now

You are in a depressed mood, you do not know what to do, or you are on the verge of a difficult breakup. In the human brain, not being able to talk to him again, not being able to communicate with him as before, not being able to tell him you love him again, not being able to hug him is the same as him.

Not being able to be in the environment Already the brain perceives it as dying Dear friends, sometimes there are such difficult moments that we should be our savior in those difficult moments In fact, in those difficult moments, it seems as if some things will never pass, that pain feels like we will always live in such an intense way, that anxiety that you experience, it's as if your heart is like this it will take wings and fly but somehow it makes you feel like it can't fly Sometimes you feel very happy when you feel happy, you do nothing as soon as you live the moment you don't even want to question it

However, did people start to think little by little, questioning themselves, their life, their relationships, there they make decisions and decision-making comes into play You know, I just told you that it's such a winding period in our lives. Believe me, it happens to me, too. Sometimes I don't know what to do and how to act. There are times when I feel that you will too. Why are you human, the human brain feels these emotions when it is very worried when it is very sad, when it is very stressed.

I want you to say that I'm doing this personally, everything in life has come and passed until this time, now this feeling will pass, I should stay in this feeling a little bit, what has it taught us Popular Culture Here, get out of this feeling, do this, do this, distract your head, let it be like this or that, it's not like that As we escape from our pain, we establish relationships with the wrong people. We take the wrong people into our lives. We give our greetings to the wrong people, the most precious thing, we give our smiling face and energy. That's why sometimes living your pain, sometimes with myself, instead of running away from the pain.

Being alone sometimes feeling the deepest of loneliness is what will heal you There is a saying that I love very much Hemingway's We get stronger from where we were broken When events such as such a blow in our lives, people, situations seem like it will never end, know that the place where you get stronger and your perspective on life will never be the same as before. It is the biggest proof that it is the place where you hurt the most, so when you have the hardest time, our wolf vehicle will be a realistic sentence, everything came and

It has passed, this too has come and it will pass, please keep it in our pockets. Because it will be needed a lot. Another one is dear friends, we are taking people into our lives, it can be a business environment, it can be a friendship relationship, it can be a lover, it can be a spouse, it can be a family, we think; Everything is a big mistake that will last forever because even human life is limited and limited So there is a birth And in the end there is a death and a death we don't know when So please give yourself this right someone will come into your life and someone will leave your life

You can leave or you can leave someone's life, I love him forever, he will be eternal, he will be no one else. Sentences that we say to ourselves, unfortunately, are wrong. Because everyone has a limit in our lives, yes, today your soul is the person you are Tomorrow can be your worst enemy Tomorrow Mostly to you It can be the person who hurts you. Tomorrow can be the person who hurts you the most or shows you the biggest blow, so it's not about trusting people forever. If you make your mind up, Yes right now

Just because we have a good relationship, but at the end of the day, we are human. He can do me wrong one day too. The feeling that I can make him wrong one day. bad no one is trustworthy Everyone is a liar or at work Everyone is so good so commonplace judgments It wears down our human relations Because none of this is realistic what are we dealing with from the beginning

I aim and aim at this, let's always be realistic and take realistic steps Because if we establish a utopian world, there are already these series, there are movies, there are books. There is no need for them. Real life, unfortunately, is neither as described anywhere nor as read in books, we learn by experiencing real life, even what we know is a thing. it works to the ground, sometimes we learn new things with our experience and create a new perspective. That's why it always saves to approach everything realistically.

For example, sometimes you say you break up with a lover, I can't do without him. You will do it. I can't love anyone else but him. Even on your feet, that plaster has a period of time. Only then you can heal. We need a period of time for our pain to pass in the traces of the people we sent from our hearts, unfortunately.

it's needed, a time is needed, then when it's complete, it's for you now, Ayşe did this to me, Mehmet did it to me like this, Ali told me like this, it doesn't work When he said that I felt like this, now he turns into Ali Mehmet Ayşe, he turns into someone, so I ask you, please give yourself time while going through a painful process and most importantly, friend and foe come to our pains.

It happens, do you know what the hardest thing is in painful times? Who is with you in a good moment, on your happy day? It is very important because in difficult times, some come out of curiosity, some come because they are sad, some come because they really want to help, but in everyone's good moments, in their happy moments, in those pleasant moments. Not everyone can handle this feeling. Sometimes the fact that you are smiling and even the fact that I am experiencing that happiness bothers him so much that instead of being in that environment, he secretly follows you, looking at social media, fake accounts are open so that's it.

The fact that he opens fake accounts and follows you from there. This is the biggest indication that he is doing these behaviors out of envy, don't say it in vain, why are they doing this, what is the need, there is a reason to see him. He can't say I'm curious about you, what is he doing, looking from here and there with fake accounts, some will do this, but when he does such things, they should not do it instead of saying dear If you are being followed secretly, you

If it is done after what you have done, know that you have succeeded and there are those who imitate what you have achieved This is a much better thing at this point please, I am not proud of yourself, I want to make another reminder about life Then our anxiety increases. As we go towards 30, we question life, we begin to eliminate people, we try to reduce the people in our lives, we try to establish really realistic relationships, few people, few things, more

May there be peace and happiness. We move forward with happy water. Most of us are right. Because at those ages when we feel so intense, it is more attractive to say I have so many friends, it is more attractive to say I have so many friends, it is more attractive to enter people, to be in crowded environments, but after a while you find yourself feeling yourself when you get rid of those falsehoods. you are entering a period where you establish real relationships.

If you make your decision, this is a sign of maturity. Don't forget that I thank you from my heart for listening to me When you are alone with myself Stay with love