Get Rid of Acne in 1 Night


Get Rid of Acne in 1 Night

Our first solution is for gigantic pimples. What we actually need for this is an Aspirin and a few drops of water soldiers, after grinding it into powder, you tell how many drops of water and you turn the aspirin into a creamy structure with this water.

We will wipe it, you apply it on it, wait for about 10 minutes, and then you can get it on your acne Why are we doing such a thing Because there is an ingredient used in home remedies in the military, this ingredient helps your love shrink within a few hours. The second solution is to both prevent acne breakouts and shrink acne after acne comes out. a solution and a half brought to you, all you need is garlic friends I know, maybe many of you don't like it because of its smell, but you don't want to eat it.

Use garlic in most of your meals, friends. Because garlic has an antibacterial structure and this antibacterial structure prevents acne breakouts, at the same time, how can you prevent acne with garlic, how can you take a yolk and divide it into two? keep it above the civilian sea for three minutes I'm just paying attention is this a solution that can do a little so why are we doing something like this Because

Garlic also makes acne scars. Our 3rd word is a solution to remove the redness caused by very large pimples. We will only need one eye drop for this. We will need only one eye drop, which drips the eye drops on a cotton ball and table it on the pimple for a while with that ear cotton. Because eye drops take the redness of the eye as well as the redness of the acne scar. Our fourth solution is, All you need is a banana peel and apply it to your acne

Massage it for about 30 minutes and you will immediately ask "Okay, Banana peel" Because the antioxidant substance in the banana peel prevents our acne from growing more and helps your acne to heal faster You can do this not only when you have acne, but also every other day So you have a healthier skin V Our solution steam treatment for spring treatment.

then put this report card on the steam coming out of the water for a few minutes and repeat this. If you say so, take a shower in steamy water, that is, in hot water. Thus, your pores will open in the same way.

In the treatment, take a few pieces of ice and put it in an aluminum foil for you. Then you can put it in a freezer bag and put it in any of your old clothes if you don't want to do this, then leave these ices on your spotty area for 10 minutes. Of course, don't forget to take a break every now and then. Take a break because You can make your skin Why do we do such a thing Because ice makes that area numb and helps you get rid of your acne in a short time. At the same time, it is also in the banana treatment.

If you do this Seda Vissi on your face every other day, as in the past two days, both your knee will be more refreshed and you will prevent it from coming out in the future and you will prevent it in advance. Our 7th solution is actually a solution known to our age. apply toothpaste Because toothpaste helps clear acne scars quickly. Our ninth solution is something I didn't show you because I don't have it either. Apply Aloe vera on your face.

aloe vera both removes acne scar swelling and helps you heal acne scars faster.

If our 10th line is a solution I think you will love it Because I have been using it for a long time and I am very happy because it is not with me right now I cannot show it to you, it stayed in the other house, but I am posting a picture of it right here. It is a cream drug. Actually, I think this drug is actually one of the formulas.

I also deleted the first favorites. Here you go. What does it do? Let's say you like this medicine, no matter how big it is, you apply that medicine on the pimple and you go to bed at night. It dries the acne in a day. If it's a small pimple, it destroys it in a day. If it's a big pimple, the first thing the day dries out, your acne disappears in two days, but I definitely recommend you to try it, especially if you are too lazy to make the acne ashes that I just showed you, go get this medicine and acne at the same time.

This is the medicine given to those who have problems, this is the medicine that is given to those who have very big acne problems, I think I apply it by spreading it all over the face.

11 Your solution is not actually a method of getting rid of acne, it is a solution made to prevent acne. You cut a lemon to a certain size for this, and you apply Honey on it by massaging this lemon on the face after this week. It will be better for you to walk it for about five minutes.

It works. and salt water helps to dry the pimples on your body very, very quickly, especially salt is very good in killing inflammation and it is a very short time from my acne. you can get rid of in time

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