Natural Remedy for Eye and Lip Wrinkles


Natural Remedy for Eye and Lip Wrinkles

A mask that removes wrinkles around the lips around the eyes, I'm telling you at first, you can apply this mask two or three times a week If you are over 35, apply it three times. People under 35 will find it twice And let's not forget that the sooner you interfere with your skin, the slower aging will be. there is no such thing as stopping aging

There is no such thing as rejuvenation after getting old, so let's appreciate the moment, let's appreciate our age and take care of your skin in the best way Yes, today's mask is the main subject main material egg white We take the white of 1 egg And we pour it on our luck yes I will ask you to get the egg white well before you know because you know I don't know if egg white is a very hard soluble food, but let me show you I want you to come out thoroughly this is hard on your skin this is seriously hard

This is the problem. Yes, I want to show it a little more closely, these brands are already inside the egg, when you eat it, it is a very serious protein. At the same time, we wipe it, when we apply it, the same intense protein, B vitamins, and at the same time, it is something that occurs on our skin and even in our body, due to the density of B vitamins. it supports the formation of red blood cells and supports the formation of red blood cells and cell regeneration So you really want the egg white yes it might smell bad yes

You know, you may not like these two, but it's really very effective in ensing Yes I continue. Is this a good solution? I use the masks, I added 1 tablespoon of honey, now I mix it again thoroughly.

It dissolves, let me show you this, then we take a quarter of a lemon And what we squeeze into it and whisk it 3 times again. We whisk the ice for about a minute. Yes, we will be the consistency. Now the egg white separates and the honey has become solid as you can see. But before applying, I want to point out that some people He may have a serious allergy to eggs. That's why I always do it to me, this way, you may be allergic to it.

Say something, I'm taking some of this mask with my hand. I want us to apply it in that area. I find it because such situations may be allergic or may be a sign of your skin's sensitivity, but as I said, we apply it to this area. In other words, we apply the inner inner arm, the inner lower arm, we wait for about 15 minutes, and we wait for five minutes.

After waiting, you don't feel anything like any swelling, redness, burning, stinging, you can start the application. I already know that there is no allergy, I will apply it to myself now, even though I am sharing the result with you here, you will see the result more clearly on your own skin when you do it yourself. You know, it doesn't create a miracle. So when you do it regularly with this kind of mask, you will see the results. My usual suggestion is Before After the

You get the photo After a while, that is, a month later, I suggest you take the after photo from the same angle, from the same angle. Yes, now I will apply my own face. By the way, because the yolk is afraid, there is no odor that will disturb you, and we use lemon because we use it anyway. You know, the condition of that egg that can bother you is gone. Yes, I'm starting it. I apply it slowly, especially under my eyes. In this way, call after a few minutes. I deleted it, after installing it like this

there will be a stretch, it will have an effect together look it's very normal By the way, since there is lemon in it, your pimples will get rid of these little white pimples, anyway, this is where I had a few of them, I hope it will be effective on them too, huh Yes, lip girls are a very important sensitive smoker. I definitely recommend it to people because there is nothing that can be done for these upper lip wrinkles, so give importance to such things, friends, so without getting old and wrinkling this part.

Do you intervene as early as you can? There is no need for a big expense for this. As you can see, yes, I applied my mask, I'm waiting for 15 minutes Yes, I wiped my mask, I never had to wash it, but I waited for 15 minutes, and after a while, after a while, your movements are restricted when the mask dries on your face, then main yourself let it rest for a while transfer You can put this cucumber on your eyes because there is a lot of water in the cucumber.

If you take it out of the refrigerator at the same time, it will give your eyes a serious rest. By the way, I recommend you to apply this mask under your eyes. That's why I recommend you to apply it under your eyes, we are waiting for 15 minutes, as I said for the mask, I said it started, I want to repeat it, friends, over the age of 35, in the week

Three times under the age of 35 If you use it twice a week, you will get much more successful results, as I said, this mask is completely antigen wrinkle and pore mask, I am sure that you will get serious results. my suggestion is definitely a skin cleansing at first, a blackhead cleaning and then to make such masks Because Annie is closed, think of it as an acne or blackhead channel my finger and this blackhead

The point channel is full and our body already creates it. There is air pollution called free radicals. To put it simply, air pollution, water pollution, make-up residues, cream residues and similar things make up twenty percent of you and thirty percent of you, and the rest is already produced by the body itself. Our diet. because of our water consumption and many similar sources. That's why my usual suggestion is You know you have your own clients, and this is the same for our clients at the end.

We suggest you first clean your skin professionally. After that, if you do such masks, you will see the result. You can apply it in any way because I don't know how your skin is, because you will definitely see an effect. But if you do it as I say, you will see a hundred percent effect.

NOTE : Personal care is never for therapeutic purposes..! is not responsible for unwanted situations that may occur as a result of the application.